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Which CAT Tool to Use: My CAT Tool "Evolution" ‒ Part 1

Mis Ă  jour : 18 juil. 2019

If you are not a language service provider you might have not heard about CAT tools, an acronym that stands for Computer-Assisted Translation. This post is to share my experience with such tools and maybe help any person new to this industry to choose one of them.

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As soon as you step into the translation industry you hear about CAT tool and you somehow feel the urge to get one because the it feels like the industry itself pressures you to do so. You're always asked which CAT tool you're using and clients expect that you mention at least one of those available out there. This is why, when I was still in school, I started looking for my first CAT tool. I felt like I needed to try one out and see if it was really necessary for my career or if it was just some sort of gadget. My CAT tools choices and use were conditioned first of all by my operating system, a Macintosh, then by the price of the CAT tool itself and by my workflow (income).

Now that you I provided you with a background story, I can start talking about the "evolution" of my CAT tool:

First CAT tool

If you're just starting and you're a student, you're more likely to download a free software. This is why it all began with OmegaT, a free, open-source software. I downloaded it and I was happy I finally had a CAT tool installed ‒ and felt a little more like a professional translator already. I started using it during my translation homework. OmegaT is a perfect CAT tool to start understating the functioning of these software. I remember creating a terminology database and using it a lot, and I remember having troubles understating how to manage my translation memories. Later on, I started being very confused also because of all the plug-ins I could install. If you want to try OmegaT, I advise you to be ready to do a lot of downloading, installing and updating. But hey, it's free and a great way to brake the ice!


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